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Greetings, and a very warm welcome to you

Whatever issues you may have with us on the social waves – rest assured, you are at the right place!

You are here because you saw this link or we directed you to this page. It is where we begin the process of answering any questions or concerns you may have about your interaction with us, and/or our interaction with you on the Internet, and its many social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Be sure we take your privacy, reputation and concerns very seriously. First let us tell you how we work.

About us and Social media

The PureUNION / is a collection of complex, inter-connected, public and private online and interactive services for its Members. We simply call this the ‘Family Cloud’. Although these services are mostly private, some use the social media channels. The PureUNION Cloud is what brings all the services together in one place (or a unified platform for cloud services) for our Members. Social media is a popular and key part of our cloud services.

Why not just address the question / concern over Social media?

We can manage and monitor most of the content our Members share, host and transmit – but not all of it. We expect our Members to behave responsibly as per our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We cannot ‘police’ everything or impose too much strictness, but we appreciate sometimes lines can be crossed or misunderstandings can occur. This page is where we can help address these concerns – fairly and squarely!

Simply reach out to us

The first step for us to address your question / concern is for us to message or speak with each other. If we do not do this then we cannot guarantee we can resolve anything for you. You of course can try to address the question / concern over the social network but we recommend you contact us directly here as this ensures privacy and speed of response. Contacting us is straightforward. You simply click the link below to contact an Administrator, fill a simple contact form, and submit. Make sure you select the Blog and Social Media recipient in the form. One of our Administrators will be in touch soon after. That’s it!

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