PureUNION launch 25th September 2016


Dear members, it was exactly 5 months ago when the Internet re-platforming of the PUNN.org completed successfully and we announced our new family network. Today we have the pleasure of making a major announcement, which although on the surface may not sound like much, but is actually the most significant update since 1998 when the PUNN.org was founded.

Today the PUNN.org has been formally branded and will be known by the name PureUNION. Although PUNN.org remains as the official legal entity, the PureUNION brand is what we will identify PUNN.org from this day onward.

So why has this new identity become necessary. Firstly, it should be noted that PUNN.org / PureUNION remains a non-profit, non-trading entity and there are no plans to register it as a private business. However, at a family and personal level, it is very important to lay down the foundation for our members as well as the upcoming generations – to drive, develop and deliver our many projects and operations for the future ahead. PureUNION is not just a new identity – it is a new network.

It is our network which will make brilliant things happen, and at a metaphysical level, PureUNION will be a critical core component to EVERYTHING that we do. It is the people in our network that matter most to our numerous objectives, projects, business endeavors, and so much, much more our members are involved with today and will be in the future. It is time for us to graduate from strength to even more strength. PureUNION is essential for this growth, and the necessary preparations have been made for at least the next 7 years to make way for new, active members.

So other than a new logo, what has improved beneath the covers? Far too much to list but below are just some of the main changes.

  • All PUNN.org Internet end-points have been consolidated under a single control, hosting interface. Overall this is the PureUNION Cloud
  • The PUNN.org family network is branded as the PureUNION Network from today
  • Stringent security appliances and software have been implemented on all network resources and devices, including HTTPS/SSL on websites
  • Members have single sign-on to the PureUNION Network for access to ALL the PureUNION Cloud resources – both public and private
  • New role-and-site based authentication means members only see and access content and resources which are relevant to them / their location
  • New devices have been introduced and integrated with more powerful, smarter and revised APIs, connectors, services and interfaces
  • An online ‘project teaming and collaboration management’ application is now fully operational and open to all members
  • The Internet Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have both been revised to reflect new changes
  • A new About page captures the PureUNION philosophy – defining a progressive future of growth and development for all our members

If you are a member, you are cordially invited to log in to the PureUNION Network and explore its feature-rich content and resources.

We are PureUNION: https://punn.org.

PUNN.org Administrator



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