PUC Control Manager

What PUC-CM achieves

The difference between high-definition content and our cinematic-class content is what PUC (PureUNION Cinematic) is. The easiest method to enable experiencing PUC content in the first place is via the PUC Control Manager (i.e. our PUC-CM app)

The PUC-CM app can be run from an Android TV (preferred) or any device able to Google Cast (e.g. an Android OS smartphone or a Windows PC with Google Chrome) to your A/V appliance – usually your Android TV. This app not only allows access to cinematic-class enhancements but also supports additional features specifically for (supported) Sony HDR Android TVs and A/V receivers.

*PUC-CM at present is part of a closed beta programme and is currently under development review.

Main requirements

To experience PUC (PureUNION Cinematic) content, i.e. HDR content with leading-edge Audio and Video enhancement, you must:

  1. have Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Vision™ capable A/V appliances – which have been set-up together and calibrated correctly as per the appliance manufacturer’s operating instructions, and
  2. natively run (or cast) the video from (to) your supported A/V appliance via the PUC-CM app

See the below screenshot of the PUC-CM (Beta) app:

Before you begin

The PUC-CM app is for A/V enthusiasts who wish to experience streamed Audio and Video content for private pleasure using their advanced home theatre setups and configurations to Dolby Cinema standards. To enjoy A/V content to the fullest immersive levels, a Sony Android television with minimum BRAVIA® 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme processing engine, supporting Dolby Vision™ and Google Chromecast Ultra 4K (native or external) is recommended. However, Sony appliances are recommended but NOT mandatory as long as your:

  1. A/V receiver supports Dolby Atmos® and object-based metadata, with speaker configuration as per manufacturer’s recommendations, and
  2. Android TV has a native (i.e. built-in) Google Cast app

Both 1) and 2)  are essential to gain maximum functionality of the PUC-CM app. It is also necessary that both the A/V receiver and Android TV are connected to the Internet. We strongly suggest you ensure all your software such as Android OS, Google Chrome (PC or Android), YouTube app, and the firmware and apps for all your A/V appliances, are updated to the latest levels to avoid any technical issues.

Behind the scenes: Object-based Metadata

Most high-definition content available online such as UHD 4K videos on YouTube today prevent the streaming of true HDR or multi-channel content due to the standard YouTube player license restrictions. However, the PureUNION / PUNN.org has built a unique workflow to help bring superior cinematic audio and video to your home system such as YouTube UHD 4K content (experimental and for non-commercial use only).

What is missing is some precious ‘object-based metadata’ which needs to be streamed to a media player along with some additional multi-channel content plus what is known as ‘spatial audio and resolution description’. This ‘adds’ vital missing ‘information’ to the media stream, which when served from our PureUNION Cloud to your supported A/V appliance, can deliver a whole new rich and deeply immersive experience like your ears and eyes would not believe!

See the below diagram of the PUC-CM workflow inclusive of PUNN.org HDDS, the Google Cast Application Framework and Dolby Professional APIs:

‘Casting’ and restrictions

Casting the app to the television from an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet, will NOT yield optimal viewing results. It is strongly advised the app be run natively from the Android TV when streaming video content.  For audio-only content, casting of the app from Google Chrome (PC version) to any native or external Google Chromecast device attached or integral to either the A/V receiver or television is quite acceptable. However, remotely casting the app from Google Chrome (Android version) may not guarantee optimal results for audio-only content owing to numerous variables such as the age of the Android device, its CPU/sound co-processor, its supported codecs, etc. If the Android device supports Dolby Audio or Dolby Atmos® itself, then Google Chrome (Android version) has been tested successfully with the app to deliver immersive audio quality to that Android device.

End-user licensing & support

The PUC-CM app is provided ‘as-is’ without warranty with no technical support, and no operating guide is available at this time – except to our Beta developers and testers.  Please note, the PUC-CM app must have access to the Internet to function correctly, and is built with web-scale technology, therefore does not install software, store or process data on user devices – other than regular web content. For that reason, this website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (see footer) are applicable.



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