Welcome to the Administration Office of the PureUNION, and the PUNN Family – the official administration centre for making fast, secure contact with the and its members. This is where you get in touch with real human beings!

You may have found this website link on a suitcase tag, in a missing passport, a lost wallet, mobile phone, valuable item, in a document, on your customer records, in an email signature, on another web page, or you have simply been referred to this page to contact us.

We recommend you save money and keep a low carbon footprint by making Message Contact. It is also the most easiest, fastest and reliable method of reaching the correct person(s).

👥 Message Contact

Send a message:

NOTE: Select the most relevant recipient in the above form, complete ALL fields and submit to quickly route your message to the correct person(s)

👥 Telephone Contact

📞 To contact the Administrator, or to leave a voice message, dial +44 (0)843-886-7000 *
📞 To contact a particular member of the PUNN Family, dial +44 (0)843-886-8000 *

 Emergency Contact

Make EMERGENCY contact

To report lost and found property:

  1. ✉ Send a Message above, OR
  2. 📞 Dial +44 (0)843-886-7000 *

To contact a next-of-kin:

  1. ✉ Send a Message above, OR
  2. 📞 Dial +44 (0)843-886-8000 *

NOTE: We offer a guaranteed, instant cash reward of 30% of the valuation of the lost item being returned to us with no questions asked


*DISCLAIMER: Telephone numbers starting with 0843 in the UK are ‘business rate’ numbers and are NOT charged at premium rates. You can review the approximate call charges here. Always check with your phone provider to find out the actual cost, particularly if you are calling from outside of the UK. Calls from payphones can cost more. Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling. Calls to switchboard lines may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Your messages may not be returned. WARNING: It is illegal to call without permission or to make unsolicited calls. Nuisance callers will be reported, and if necessary prosecuted under recently revised UK law.



Some UK banks do not currently recognise a non-profit account from J.P. Morgan Chase.


If PUNN was not accepted by your banking app, enter SUNJEEV PUNN as the personal account name.

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