Welcome to
The PureUNION Organisation
(of Humanity and Technology)

Officially known as the PUNN.org and branded online as PureUNION.


What exactly is PureUNION?

In the simplest sense, we are a crowd of people who believe 1) technology will never be able to perfectly serve humanity, and 2) humanity should never serve or be lead by technology – but the two can co-exist much, much better than most technologists and corporations would have today’s consumer-minds believe.

In a physical sense, the simple answer is that it is many things to many people. Here are some of the main ones:

  • It is a research foundation working with advanced computing to re-produce immersive, true, high definition audio & video content on the Internet
  • It is a project of modern metaphysics with the aim of enhanced living by optimising and integrating technology / material objects
  • It is a ‘Family Cloud’ – the Punn family’s global presence of the modern world – fusing many network resources and automation tools
  • It is a non-profit, non-business organisation – focused on enhancing the holistic quality of life with technology without commercials

Established in 1992 as an early Internet experimental initiative on PXS.net (‘Pretty eXcellent Systems’) then later in 1998 evolved as a post-graduate research project for computer science – PUNN.org (branded as PureUNION) has grown to become a collection of aspirations, a set of ideals, and a network of people who view Internet technology, and the emerging software-driven, next-generation electronic systems and devices as a means to help realise those very aspirations and ideals. But it goes much beyond this.

In a non-physical sense, the aspirations and ideals are nothing more than the Punn family’s spiritual perspective which is aligned to and rooted in ‘Vedic scientific and metaphysical’ principles’ – primarily encouraging one to aspire towards leading a self-less, moral existence where one is not physically dependent on material objects (e.g. technology products) to drive that existence, but rather the material object should ‘serve’ the existence to improve, enhance and better support life. (For a further understanding of these Vedic principles, search the Internet for Advaita Vedanta and Sāmkhya philosophies)

In essence, PureUNION is a ‘modern metaphysical philosophy’. This web site is merely the front cover of that book of this particular philosophy. Over time PUNN.org has expanded into an intelligent, diverse, transcendental, complex and extensive physical and virtual network, which although is largely protected and reserved on the private Internet (known as the PureUNION Network), it is very much a pervasive and integrated part of lives of some, and is always striving to close both human and technology flaws to reach an optimal state – or ‘a Pure state of Union’ as we prefer to call it.

In its Pure sense, where and when modern science and technology (the ‘outer-engineering’) subtly unifies with a particular esoteric, ‘spiritual’ philosophy (the ‘inner-engineering’) – then that is where a supramentalised, super-optimal and perfectly-balanced ‘union’ takes place between humanity and technology. In its purest sense, that is a PureUNION.

Intelligent cloud, IoT automation, digital-content object-base transcoding, scale compute, AI/ML, quantum systems, structured (and unstructured data), smart and software-defined this, that and the other – are all very much ‘technology drags’ on what can truly be realised by humankind right now. Remove the commercials from the technology industries for just one year, then see our unbelievable human achievements of year 2080. Populate on Mars? We are able to transport Earth to Mars and much further! (Anonymous)




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